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Davey Microlene Water Treatment Centres Help Create Good-Tasting Water

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Water treatment solutions from Davey Water Products are designed to produce high quality water that is safe for drinking, good to taste and suitable for multiple uses around the home.  

Many Australians in metropolitan and rural locations do not have access to pure clean drinking water. Many households rely on rainwater tanks to collect and store water sourced from rooflines, bores, dams or other natural sources.  

These water supplies often undergo varying levels of adverse treatment ahead of delivery to the home.  

Davey Water Products offers a range of water treatment solutions that treat, filter and purify water for safe consumption and use in various household applications.  

Davey Water Products introduces its authorised water treatment centres across Australia and New Zealand, enabling consumers to experience the very best of drinking water.  

Filtered water processed by Davey Microlene water treatment centres from mains water or tank water supply comes with improved taste, smell, presentation and quality.  

Taste the Difference and Smell the Difference  

Davey Market Manager, Maryanne Dutka comments that the water treatment centres allow customers to taste the difference and smell the difference as Microlene removes unpleasant taste and odour from drinking water, which can come from chlorine, chemicals or organic decay.    

Davey’s suite of water filtration and purification products can also be used for whole of house water treatment applications for removal of chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, chlorine and chlorination by-products that can be harmful.  

See the Difference  

The Microlene water treatment systems allow consumers to see the difference as visual impurities including sediment, rust and rainwater debris are removed.  

The added benefit for householders is that stain-causing matter is removed from the supply, leaving laundry and dishes sparkling clean.  

Know the Difference  

Consumers will be confident to know the difference as bacteria and virus are sterilised using Davey Steriflo UV or safely disinfected using Davey Acquasafe.     

Feel the Difference  

Kinetico water softeners make it possible for consumers to feel the difference by reducing calcium and iron build-up in the water supply that affects the performance of soaps and detergents.  

Softer water has a positive impact on glass, ceramics, skin, hair and clothes as well.   

Hard water greatly impacts household appliances, pipework and hot water systems that over time can be an expensive burden on the family budget.  

Save the Difference  

Save the difference, says Ms Dutka instead of paying for expensive appliance and pipework repairs or for disposable water bottles that create landfill when one can access palatable, soft water anywhere, anytime with the Davey Microlene water treatment systems.

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