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Firefighter Plus Pump Sets from Davey Offer Higher Pressure for Rural Property Owners

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The disastrous and tragic bushfires on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia and surrounding Perth, WA again highlight the need for farmers and rural property owners to have their own fire fighting resources at hand.

Davey Water Products offers a range of its popular Firefighter Plus engine powered pump sets which are specifically designed for emergency responses and to assist larger property owners to protect their assets.

Typically the Davey Firefighter Plus range offers up to 50% higher pressure with the ability to push water further and higher.

In bush fire emergencies these features are important, for instance, hard to reach fire outbreaks, like the burning canopy of taller trees, building structures, haystacks or fodder stocks can be reached.

The Davey Firefighter Plus high pressure self priming two stage pump sets are already the standard water pressure unit for many of Australia's state fire fighting and emergency services and are extensively exported to the USA and Canada, France, Spain and South Africa.

The popular Davey Firefighter Plus models offer the choice of Briggs & Stratton or Honda four stroke, electric start petrol engines from the top selling 4.1kW (5.5hp), through to strength of the no nonsense 9.7kW (13hp) models.

Yanmar Diesel engine powered models are also available, particularly for properties where there is a reliance or preference for a single fuel source.

The engine is coupled to a twin impeller pump which provides both higher pressure and water delivery capacity at lower engine throttle settings. The pump is a marine grade aluminium casing, impellers and diffusers for extra strength and durability. The three way hose outlet and suction inlet can be matched to readily available hose and nozzle kits.

Ashley White, Davey's product manager notes that advice provided to farmers and landowners about emergency fire plans typically note the importance of having an engine powered pump at hand. "Emergency bush fire situations create an immense call on the resources of brigades and emergency services. "Typically many properties have a water resource at hand - a household swimming pool, tank water or nearby farm dams which, with an engine powered pump at hand, can provide a couple of hours or more of fire fighting protection.

"Every fire season Davey receives anecdotal reports of how property owners save valuable buildings, fodder stocks and other property improvements, often by being able to douse burning embers after the initial fire storm has passed. "Farmers and rural property owners are increasingly recognising the importance of having their own fire protection and survival plan in place which incorporates a reliable engine powered pump set." An engine powered pump set can also service a range of other duties from water jetting of livestock, to general water transfer and small scale irrigation of pasture or crops.

The Davey Firefighter range includes a choice of solutions from the popular single stage pump sets, together with the higher pressure twin impeller Firefighter Plus range.

Detailed information on the Davey Firefighter ranges, including comprehensive performance data to enable the selection of the right engine powered pump set for individual applications can be obtained by calling the Davey Customer Service Centre on 1300 367 866.

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