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Rainbank from Davey Water Products, Making a Real Contribution to Water Conservation

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RainBank Making a Real Contribution to Saving Water in Australia. Rainbank is the first product to enable metropolitan consumers to use tank water for laundry and toilet applications automatically.

RainBank, an innovative water controller, is the first product to automatically enable home owners to utilise rain water for laundry and toilet applications, thereby making a significant contribution to water conservation in Australia. With continued droughts and water restrictions sounding a wake-up call about the real value of water in Australia, Australians are looking for ways to contribute to preserving our most precious yet scarce natural resource.

RainBank is produced by Davey Products , Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of water pumps for the rural, metropolitan and, industrial applications and for the, pool and spa markets.

A unique water controller, RainBank automatically switches the water source from the domestic mains to rainwater in the tank when a toilet is flushed or a washing machine used. RainBank can save up to 40 per cent of a household’s drinking quality water.

RainBank incorporates easily into the design of a new home or can be installed into existing properties. The environmentally friendly water controller is designed for ease of use and ensures that there is no risk of backflow into the mains. This prevents potential contamination of the mains water supply.

Australia is the driest continent on Earth, yet Australians are one of the highest consumers of water in the world. Every week we use the equivalent of 5,000 Olympic sized swimming pools of drinking quality water for our toilets and laundries. This highlights the urgent need to focus on water conservation inside the home.

With the design of rainwater tanks becoming slimmer and easier to fit into small spaces, metropolitan home owners can become significant water savers. David Cleland, Managing Director of Davey, advised that studies of typical domestic water use show that toilets and washing machines are the major consumers of drinking quality mains water inside the home.

“Most people, especially those in metropolitan areas, only envisage using rainwater for garden watering or washing the car. They don’t realise that the tank may be empty when they need to water the garden due to lack of rain. RainBank will save water all year round, especially in winter and reduce water consumption by up to 40% inside the house. By using RainBank consumers can really make a contribution to Australia’s water conservation”, states Mr Cleland.

“Davey is a 70 year-old established Australian company that is a leader in facilitating better and more effective use of rainwater. RainBank® continues Davey’s commitment to water conservation”.

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