Crop Covers by David Gill Greenhouses for Adaptable Horticulture Protection

Used to fix greehouse to Crop Covers
Used to fix greehouse to Crop Covers
Used to fix greehouse to Crop Covers
Crop cover ends can be left open David Gill Greenhouses Crop Cover David Gill Greenhouses Crop Cover
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David Gill Crop Covers

David Gill Greenhouses Crop Cover is adaptable to a range of uses from temporary covers over seed and flower crops to a crop support greenhouse for vegetables.

Fitted, solarweave or plastic Crop Covers for crop protection 

  • The Crop Cover is 6.5m wide
  • Features Gothic shaped 32mm gal pipe hoops 
  • Post height ranging from 1.5m to 2.4m
  • This greenhouse is fixed to specially designed augers that are screwed into the ground using a dingo making it easy to relocate in the future if necessary

These structures can be covered with shadecloth or celloclim plastic. Sides can be left open or fitted with insect screen or shadecloth, with roll-up curtains from solarweave or plastic film. An aluminium gutter is used to connect two or three bays wide.

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