David Gill Greehouses Can Offer Attractive Alternative Glasshouse Solutions

Inside view of a David Gill Glasshouse
Inside view of a David Gill Glasshouse
Inside view of a David Gill Glasshouse Two pane ventilated Venlo Roof
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David Hill Greenhouses Glasshouse

David Gill Greenhouses specialise in complete greenhouse construction projects – from the greenhouse itself through to the installation of all technical systems. The coordination of such a complex project takes time and know-how. David Gill Greenhouses can take a great deal of this work off your hands.

Collaboration with David Gill Greenhouses means you will be getting not only the best greenhouse but also the best systems.

The whole project will be executed in line with most internationally quality standards. This gives you the assurance that your greenhouse will be state-of-the-art and your systems the most advanced.

Low Iron Float Glass with LT 91%+

David Gill Greenhouses works closely with Dutch specialists when it comes to the systems to be installed in your greenhouse. Your project can be delivered complete with:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Irrigation
  • Screening
  • Automation
  • 4mm low iron float glass
  • Toughened glass light transmission 91%
  • Anti-Reflect coatings available giving 95% light transmission, increase in production up to 8%
  • Several types of diffused glass that distributes the light more evenly through the crop

Greenhouses of all the standard Venlo types can be supplied and installed in standard sizes 8, 9.6, 12 and 12.8 metres wide and in several different heights. 

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