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95% ventilation when extended
95% ventilation when extended
95% ventilation when extended For cooler climates From Commercial to Domestic Gardener’s Delight Domestic Greenhouse
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David Gill Greenhouses have specially designed greenhouses for the Horticultural and Agricultural Industry.

These environmentally controlled greenhouses are used for growing vegetables, flowers or for propagation.

The design and overall Gothic shape to the greenhouse can be either a double or single ventilator that can extend above the ridge to give the plants a complete air change. 

This air change allows for hot air to flush out and fresh air to come in.

Superior, Robust, Made in Australia for Australian Agriculture, David Gill Greenhouses

  • Specially designed for Australian conditions
  • Gothic shaped to run condensation to the gutter and minimise condensation rain
  • Double or single ridge ventilation with 1100mm opening either side of the ridge giving up to 25% to 29% ventilation depending on whether they are 9.6m or 8m wide bay
  • Aluminium gutter with condensation collection at the bottom edge, to minimise condensation dripping under the gutter
  • Aluminium awnings have a plastic locking strip extruded into them to make it easy to fit insect screens in the future if necessary
  • Engineer’s computations for hanging gutter, crop support and wind loadings
  • Up to 5.250m to the gutter or lower if necessary
  • Designed to take single skin roof plastic to maximise light and with Celloclim 4S to maximise energy savings
  • Twin skin wall plastic inflated for thermal savings
  • High tensile galvanised bolts and tek screws to engineer’s computations
  • Greenhouse sits on a concrete pedestal to prevent corrosion at the ground level
  • All steel that touches the roof plastic is covered with frame guard tape
  • Roof lifting mechanism is supplied by Ridder Drive Systems, the world’s leader in greenhouse ventilation mechanisms
  • Turn key projects
  • Minimise losses and maximise profit

Double Vent Greenhouse

Roof ventilation is the best way of controlling the environment within the greenhouses.

Double ventilation gives you 25% ventilation when fully extended.

Single Vent Greenhouses

A Single vent on the east side gives 12-15% ventilation depending on whether the bay is 9.6m or 8m

This is used more in cooler climates.

Crop Cover Greenhouses 

The 6.5 wide crop cover is fixed to screw augers and is adaptable to a range of uses from temporary covers over seed and flower crops to a crop support greenhouse for vegetables.


The polycarbonate greenhouse is David Gill Greenhouses latest design.

The new design included the development of a custom designed aluminium ridge system that has an aluminium hinge to support polycarbonate or fibreglass roofing, it is connected to the aluminium vent arms. Purlin have been custom designed to prevent corrosion.

Igloo Greenhouse

Igloo, have a variety of uses from a large commercial greenhouse to domestic and can have fixed sides or roll-up curtains.

Domestic Greenhouse

All greenhouse sized are available in kit form with price available upon application.

An easy to assemble domestic greenhouse is also available for the garden enthusiast who likes propagating all year round for their own garden or the keen vegetable grower who wants to have fresh crisp home grown vegetables.

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