Ventilation System Applications in the Horticulture and Livestock Industries

Continuous Ventilation
Continuous Ventilation
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Motor Gearbox Continuous Ventilation Systems

Ridder Drive Systems is the industry ventilation system used by David Gill Greenhouses. The Ridder motor gearboxes are maintenance-free, compact power units for driving ventilation, screening and lifting systems in greenhouses and livestock sheds. 

  • Continuous roof ventilation (direct/indirect system; single/multi-vent)
  • Side wall ventilation with telescopic arm
  • Side wall roll-up with Ridder Power Roller or Tube Motor
  • Shading system (Rack and Pinion)
  • Shading system (cable)
  • Swinging ventilation system
  • Truss rail system
  • Side wall ventilation

The Ridder Drive Systems for a maintenance-free answer to greenhouse ventilation 

Roll-Up System

The drive systems and drive components of Ridder Drive Systems, which are applicable in continuous ventilation systems that are directly driven by Ridder products. In case of ventilation systems with vents, the vents are opened and closed by rack drives which are directly mounted to the vents.

Rollup side wall ventilation system poly house

In poly houses it can be the case that the end walls of the greenhouse can be opened and closed to achieve more ventilation in the greenhouse. 

  • For this mostly rollup systems are being used at which plastic foil is being rolled up on a (winding) tube. 
  • For driving these (winding) tubes for instance cardan shafts are being used in combination with a fixed mounted motor gearbox. 
  • In such a system, the motor gearbox with one cardan shaft can be mounted at the end of a rollup system.

RB50-3.5 E+ Tubular Motors

The RB50Eplus 3.5 tubular motors are maintenance free, built-in drives for driving sidewall-, roof- and twinroll screens in greenhouses. 

  • The RB50Eplus 3.5 tubular motors are standard built-in in a 50 mm aluminium tube, which makes them suitable for application in combination with a 50 mm roll tube. 
  • The RB50Eplus 3.4 tubular motors are equipped with a tube sealing, in order to prevent water, coming from the winding tube, from entering the driving part.
  • Drive torque of 50 Nm at 50 Hz net frequency
  • Numbers of revolution 3.5 rpm at 50 Hz net frequency
  • Suitable for intermittent use, duty class s3-30%, duty cycle maximum 10 minutes
  • Equipped according to protection class IP55
  • Good break action, also with undertension
  • Minimum weight
  • Standardly equipped with 1-phase electric motor, applicable with mains voltage of 230 V at 50 Hz

Continuous rooftop ventilation system

This ventilation method is often used in wide-span greenhouses. A feature of the continuous rooftop ventilation system is the use of two longitudinal vents per roof, one on each side. These vents run the entire length of the roof.

The direct system

Employing a long tubular drive shaft, running the entire length of the roof, and directly attached to motor gearboxes and TU pinion house units and racks. 

  • The motor gearboxes turn the drive shaft, thereby also driving the rack and pinion house.
  • The racks, which are attached to the vent by means of a vent connector set, push the vent upwards.

The direct system makes use of the RW240/400/600 motor gearboxes, in combination with TU5 or TU11 pinion house units with racks.

The indirect system

Differing from the direct system, in that the motor gearbox is replaced by a wormwheel gearbox at the same position.

  • In this case, the motor gearbox is mounted on the post, and drives a T11 gearbox. 
  • The T11 gearbox transmits rotational power to the wormwheel gearboxes by means of two tubular drive shafts. 
  • A single motor gearbox actuates multiple longitudinal vents.
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