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Davlan Auction Traders  organises asset registers for several industries and its clients including private and public companies, restaurants, resort chains, hotels and clubs. The team at Davlan Auction Traders can develop workable asset registers that can be maintained on an industrial basis.

With the asset management system provided by Davlan Auction Traders, it is possible to upgrade an antiquated asset into a useable tool or establish it as a new product. The basic requirements of the asset management programme are details of accounting, tax, insurance, auditing, depreciation and sale capital gain.

For a customer, the basic reports required include additions, transfers, summaries, disposals, insurance, reports based on location, depreciations and needs a good flexible reporting writer. The experienced team at Davlan Auction Traders provide updated information.

Davlan Auction Traders has organised several on-site auctions and a few on-site disposal auctions held at Queensland. Davlan Auction Traders is a member of the Auctioneers and Valuers Association of Australia. Customers can find Davlan Auction Traders office located at East Brisbane, 160 Brown Street, Bungalow, Cairns, 29-35 Chorlton Street, and 101 Railway Avenue, Townsville.

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