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On-site bidding available from Davlan Auction Traders

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Davlan Auction Traders , a well established on-site invoicing and receipting auction system, can handle over a thousand lots every day. The team at Davlan Auction Traders is highly skilled in several on-site auction procedures, ensuring security and other legal responsibility for customers.

Davlan Auction Traders has organised several on-site auctions and a few on-site disposal auctions held at Queensland. According to Davlan Auction Traders, on-site auctions require considerations of feasibility, marketing, security and staffing. Feasibility is given in any case that is logistically and economically viable to conduct an auction on that site.

Regarding marketing, customers are provided with a written marketing plan that includes the value of the assets being sold on-site through Davlan Auction Traders website. Each plan summarises the method of marketing and advertising. For example the details of costing of promotions that includes commissions, expenses for products like television, radio, print etc. are required. Adequate securities to all assets are provided.

Davlan Auction Traders conducts bidding for all kinds of equipment including heavy equipment, specialised machinery transport, furniture removal vehicle transport and many more. Regular auctions are held for office furniture and equipment, light trucks, boats, aircraft, earthmoving equipment, motor vehicles, hotel and domestic furnishing etc.

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