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Professional valuation reports from Davlan Auction Traders

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Davlan Auction Traders  are enriched with necessary resources and knowledge to provide correct professional valuation reports within the required time frame. Valuations have been provided to customers related to banks, finance, public companies, private companies, small enterprises, insurance companies and several insolvency practitioners.

The team at Davlan Auction Traders is specialised in different industries including motor vehicles, trucks, prime movers, boating and marine industries, furniture ( commercial and domestic), metal working and fabrication equipment, woodworking equipment by manufactures, mining equipment, construction equipment ( towers, mobile crane etc) and clothing manufactures.

Davlan Auction Traders provide the basic valuation to suit customers’ requirement and specifications. Auction value is the minimum price of an asset that is to be expected within the market range. If it is a public auction then it must have a professional advertisement, organisation and marketing that is suggested by Davlan Auction Traders.

Every item listed are auctioned with related assets based on the market demand at the time of auction. The valuation is a complex process as it involves several factors that need to be taken into account during the valuation process of any asset.

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