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Seed drills available from Day's Machinery Centre

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Day's Machinery Centre  provides the MK 3 renovator, a type of seed drill designed for accurate seeding operations. The MK 3 renovator features a hydraulic ram for drawbar and a hydraulic top link kit for opening the disc. It is designed and manufactured by Duncan.

The MK 3 renovator, distributed by Day's Machinery Centre, includes features such as small seed boxes, a 320 millimetre disc opener, lighting kit, jack stand, rear tow bar, seed level indicator, harrow transport kit and a baffle extension kit, suitable for hillside applications.

The standard features used in designing MK 3 renovator drills are 25 millimetre coil tines, that provide strength and maintain the shape for accurate seeding, a T boot opener that can create a quality seed bed environment and a Ni-hard cast point, suitable for all conditions. A tungsten tile is used as a leading edge to enhance the point life.

The optional features available with MK 3 renovator drills include seed boxes, hydraulic rams (drawbars), hydraulic top link kits (disc openers), jack stands and rear tow bars. These features can be added according to customer requirements.

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