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Vertical feed mixers available from Day's Machinery Centre

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Day's Machinery Centre  provides a wide range of vertical feed mixers, manufactured by Jaylor and suitable for any herd size. These can be used by dairy farmers to provide well-balanced feeds that ensure the quality of milk. The new 3000 series offer several unique features that can save farmers time and money.

According to Day's Machinery Centre, many farmers find that feeding cows with a balanced TMR (total mix ration) can increase their milk production by 1 or 2 kilograms per day. These vertical mixers can be used to blend all the required feeding components into a balanced total mix ration for cattle.

These vertical feed mixer models feature rapid discharge doors and drive line clearance with a 540 rotations per minute PTO speed. The optional features available with models 3300 and 3350 are rubber extensions, discharge magnets, ladders, constant velocity PTO options, dual side door discharges and 24 or 36 inch side discharge conveyors. These can be attached to the vertical feed mixers, based on customer requirements.

The horsepower capacities of these mixers can vary depending on the commodities mixed. The standard features of 3300 and 3350 mixer models include a shear bolt for protection, rapid discharge door, a swing arm scale mount and a mix viewing window for safer operating conditions.

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