Kongskilde Automatic Batch Weighers from De Vree Equipment

Efficiency with Kongskilde KA10 Twin Compartment Weigher with Inlet Hopper
Efficiency with Kongskilde KA10 Twin Compartment Weigher with Inlet Hopper
Efficiency with Kongskilde KA10 Twin Compartment Weigher with Inlet Hopper Reliable results Kongskilde B100 Single Compartment Weighers precision +/-0.5% accuracy High performance Kongskilde KA50 Twin Compartment Weighers Continuous weighing flow KA5 Twin Compartment Weighers

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KA5, KA10, KA25, KA50 Twin Compartment Weighers, B100 Single Compartment Weighers<br />

Accurate record of granular weights, Kongskilde Automatic Batch Weighers allows for continuous streamlined material flow and efficiency.

Weighing of a diverse range of granular materials
Suitable for weighing flowable granular materials (up to 15mm)
  • Grains and cereals
  • Pellets
  • Small Nuts
  • Treated Grain (KA Series only)
Versatile Weighers with multiple Installations
  • Check Weighing
  • Blending ingredients for feed systems
  • Monitoring feed consumption
  • Blending of granular materials in industry
  • Use on pellet batching plants
  • Also used extensively in stationary and mobile seed cleaning plants
High performance KA Series Twin Compartment Weighers
  • Twin compartment hopper allows one side to fill while the other side is being emptied
  • Four models offer capacities of up to 4 – 25 tonnes per hour*
  • Reliable accuracy of +/- 1%
  • Standard Mechanical Counters
Precision B Series Single Compartment Weighers
  • Single compartment weigher offering higher capacity and accuracy
  • B100 Single Compartment Weigher has a capacity of up to 40tph*
  • High Accuracy of +/- 0.5%
  • Standard Mechanical Counter
  • Can be linked to system controlling batch weighing
Comprehensive accessories to optimise Weighers to your requirements
  • Programmable Electronic Counters
  • Battery Powered Counters
  • Dust Covers
  • Inlet Hoppers and Transitions
  • Outlet Hoppers
  • OK Piping
  • Support Legs
*Capacities are calculated on dry Barley and subject to variation with different products.

Modular Kongskilde Automatic Batch Weighers delivers simple integration into conveying systems.
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