Kongskilde High Pressure Blowers from De Vree Equipment

Kongskilde TRL20 High Pressure Blower
Kongskilde TRL20 High Pressure Blower
Kongskilde TRL20 High Pressure Blower Kongskilde TRL20 High Pressure Blower Kongskilde TRL150 with CAD20 Kongskilde SUC200E Suction Blower

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TRL High Pressure Blowers, TF Venturi’s, CAD Rotary Valves, CAE Rotary Valves<br />

Kongskilde TRL pneumatic conveying systems offer a simple but effective means of conveying grain and other granular products. The use of the TRL high pressure system in conjunction with the OK160 Piping System is not limited by the flow arrangement allowing horizontal and vertical conveying in and around machinery, sheds and silos.

TRL High Pressure Blowers
  • High quality components
  • Precision Balanced single and multi-stage “turbo impellers”
  • Convey up to 52 tph* of clean barley at 10 metres
  • A conveying distance of up to 200 metres can be achieved
  • Electric Drives
  • Four direct driven blowers are offered in four models TRL20 (1.5kw), TRL40 (3.0kw), TRL55 (4.0kw) and TRL75 (5.5kw)
  • Five belt driven models available fromTRL100 (7.5kw) to TRL500 (37kw)
CA Rotary Valves – for Pressure Conveying & Suction Conveying
  • CAD Rotary Valves utilize a bottom mounted manifold for pressure conveying
  • CAE Rotary Valves are used in suction conveying for gravity discharge from cyclones
  • Electric motors with Belt Driven reduction case
  • Three models with cell wheel capacities of 468, 897 and 2,067 litres per minute
  • Flexible Rubber blades are resistant to dust and stones in the grain
  • Light modular construction with replaceable seals and bearings
TF Venturi- for low capacity conveying
  • Used in conjunction with the TRL20, TRL40, TRL55 and TRL75 direct drive blowers
  • Ideal for removing product waste from grain cleaning machinery
  • A maximum capacity up to 4.7 tph* of clean barley at a distance of 10 metres can be achieved
Modular Pipe System – OK160
  • Assemble Temporary and Permanent pipelines using the Kongskilde OK160 Piping System
  • Unique rolled flanges offer added strength, rigidity and sealing
  • Galvanised Pipes from 0.3m to 3.0m lengths in 0.9mm and 1.25mm wall thickness
  • Standard painted and reinforced galvanised bends – 15° to 90°.
  • Manual and Pneumatically controlled diverter valves
  • Slide Shutters
  • Quick Release and Bolted Clamps
*Actual capacities will be influenced by Grain type, conditions and conveying lengths.
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