Kongskilde Suction Blowers from De Vree Equipment

Efficient SUC300-E Electrical Powered Blowers
Efficient SUC300-E Electrical Powered Blowers
Efficient SUC300-E Electrical Powered Blowers Trailer mounted Kongskilde SupraVac2000 for farming and commercial use Linkage mounted SUC500-T high performance Tractor Powered Suction Blowers High 4.4m clearance SupraVac 2000 Trailer Mounted Suction Blowers

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<br />SUC-E Electrical Powered Blowers, SUC-T and SUC-TR Tractor Powered Blowers, SupraVac 2000 Tractor Powered Blower<br />

Versatile Kongskilde Suction Blowers efficiently increases productivity and compatibility with all volumes of free flowing seed and grain types.

Pneumatic Grain Conveying for a variety of conveying tasks
  • Versatile use for field and storage facilities
  • Easy clean-up of grain spills
  • Unloads effectively from pits, silos and on-floor storage
  • Load trucks, silos and other storage facilities
Move grain up to 200 metres with ease
  • Improved efficiency, grain can be conveyed horizontally and vertically
  • Convey around buildings and plant machinery
Electrical Powered Blowers with performance up to 33 tph*
  • SUC-E Trolley Mounted
  • Multifunctional for indoor and outdoor use
  • Five models from 7.5kw to 37kw to suit your requirements
Tractor Powered Suction Blowers – up to 120 tph*
SUC-T Linkage Mounted

  • PTO Driven – 540rpm
  • SUC300-T (34kw power requirement) 20 tph*
  • SUC500-T (48kw power requirement) 33 tph*
SUC-TR Trailer Mounted
  • PTO Driven – 1000rpm.
  • Equipped with Loading Boom for filling trucks.
  • SUC500-TR (48kw power requirement) 33 tph*
  • SUC700-TR (62kw power requirement) 44 tph*
  • SUC1000-TR (90kw power requirement) 64 tph*
SupraVac 2000 Trailer Mounted
  • Newly released model in the range
  • Compatible with agricultural and commercial use
  • Truck loading up to 120 tph*
  • Hydraulically folding Boom with up to 4.4m clearance
  • Horizontal Outlet for loading flat storage and silos
  • Utilizes OK200 Piping System for maximum capacity
  • SupraVac 2000 requires a minimum of 125kw PTO power
Modular Piping System
  • Assemble temporary and permanent pipelines using the Kongskilde OK160 Piping System. OK200 Pipe used on SupraVac 2000
  • Flexible Suction Hoses in steel and polyurethane
  • Galvanised Pipe in from 0.3m to 3.0m lengths
  • Reinforced Galvanised Bends – 15° to 90°
  • Manual and pneumatically controlled diverter valves
  • Quick Release and bolted clamps
Suction Heads to suit your conveying needs
  • Universal Suction Head used for most conveying jobs
  • Long Suction Head for emptying pits
  • Round Suction Heads for sucking from heaps and silos
  • Suction Head for clean-up and euipped with wheels for floor cleaning
  • Short Suction Head for connection to trucks and storage walls
*Actual capacities will be influenced by Grain type, conditions and conveying lengths.

Reliable Kongskilde Suction Blowers optimises your operations with quick and simple use for a number of applications.
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