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Delta treatment for dissolving iron in water from Delta Water

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Delta Water  provides suitable treatment for dissolution of the the iron present in water. The Delta Iron Filtration System is suitable for water supply pipelines used in gardens, crop irrigation, dams, tanks and other water bodies. Iron rust is formed when ferric iron is oxidised and this results in a reddish brown precipitate.

This reddish brown precipitate leads to the accumulation of iron rust in internal size of pipes and plumbing. It also stains buildings, fences, paths, plants, pipes, toilets, tiles, sinks and many more. Clothes get stained if the precipitate occurs in the washing machine. Delta Iron Filtration System prevents calcium scaling and iron accumulation in the pipes and emitters, if the stained water is to be used in the garden or irrigation system.

Delta Iron Filtration System, provided by Delta Water, can also prevent iron oxide accumulation in the pipeline of the garden and crop irrigation systems. The treatment acts on the iron oxide molecule as it passes through this system and leaves with no building p of any scale or other blocking micro sprinklers.

Delta treatment also accelerates oxidation of dissolved iron and the settling of the iron oxide. This Delta Iron Filtration System can be used with water tanks in used hot water systems, laundry and bathroom. It prevents the iron build up.

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