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Magnetic treatment from Delta Water to eliminate algal growth

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Delta Water  offers the Delta Magnetic Water Conditioner that provides effective magnetic treatment for controlling the growth of algae. The Delta Magnetic Water Conditioner is suitable for glasshouses, greenhouses, shade houses, livestock housing, poultry and other areas where water is exposed to sunlight.

The Delta Magnetic Water Conditioner assists in controlling algae over hydroponics and is esy to install. Customers can place their Delta Magnetic Water Conditioner on the pipeline. It has also been found that the machine could completely control algae growth in the plant media.

Delta Water's Delta Magnetic Water Conditioner can also be used on humid weather regions like golf courses and other lawn bowl areas where algae can grow. The livestock drinking troughs need to be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid algae growth. But when Delta Magnetic Water Conditioner is installed on the water reticulation system, it controls algae growth, bringing down the frequency of cleaning process.

The Delta Magnetic Water Conditioner, designed to eliminate algae, uses magnetic approach as its first line of treatment. The magnetic treatment disturbs the algal food chain and this results in algae starvation. In 10 to 15 days algae die completely.

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