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Spraying equipment available from Denman Dapkos

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Denman Dapkos  distributes more reliable, safer, cost effective and accurate spraying, utilising the Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) technology. The different models of spray equipment (spraydomes) are suitable for agricultural and horticultural applications.

The circular spraydomes provided by Denman Dapkos give a minimal spray drift. A shrouded CDA spray head gives an efficient use of chemicals. It reduces the time for filling and calibration. These conventional sprayers provided by Denman Dapkos can use 400 litres per sprayed hectare. The circular spraydomes are designed for vineyard and orchard applications. These circular spraydomes are easy to use. It improves the chemical efficiency.

The advanced technology used in spraying equipment supplies by Denman Dapkos increases the accuracy of spraying with optimum coverage. Denman Dapkos also supplies a wide range of weed control which are used in berry farms, vegetable farms, vineyards, tree fruit orchards, flower farms, urban footpath weed control, fence line weed control and general farm use. These sprayers protect the plants from bark damage and spray drift.

The Undavina from Denman Dapkos features with a controlled droplet application (CDA) that uses a spinning disc, evenly distributed spray droplets and a rotary atomiser. The flow of chemical is monitored with a light indicator that works along with the CDA motor.

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