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Healthy breeding of Murray Grey cattle at Devanah Murray Grey Stud

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Since 1989, Devanah Murray Grey Stud has been breeding Murray Grey cattle to produce healthy, structurally fit, C+ to B muscled animals. Customers find its easy to take decisions regarding the estimated breeding values for the animals with the provisision of the Breedplan recorded herd.

Devanah Murray Grey Stud focuses on producing well balanced Murray Greys thta give good milk, growth rates, ema and so on. The selection of animals by Devanah Murray Grey Stud is displayed at shows in the Central West and Canberra. Based on dams, the progeny can suit long durations of feedlotting.

Devanah Murray Grey Stud also offers for semen from healthy sires. Semen is provided from sires like Devanah Vigoro, Kymbrae Derwent, Devanah Ulladulla, MT View Ulysses U33 and Dehavalyn Diesel. Semen from Lilyvale Dynamic ET is exported to the United States of America and Canada. Devanah Murray Grey Stud also provides different purebred (PB) sires along with its breeding vale and pedigree on customer request.

A few healthy females at Devanah Murray Grey Stud are Devanah Athena K44 (PB), Devanah Tabitha (PB), Devanah Agnes U18 (PB), Devanah Silver Girl V10 (PB), Devanah Charmian V38 (PB), Devanah Athena K44 (PB), Devanah Winona (PB), Devanah Xena (PB), Devanah Miriam X73 (PB), Devanah Yvonne Y9 (PB) And Devanah Silver Girl Z68 (PB).

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