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Cattle stockyard equipment from Deweld Engineering

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Deweld Engineering  provides different panels of stockyard equipment. These include lugging systems, portable yard panels, gates and ramps, suitable for cattle farms and forcing areas. Deweld Engineering houses a skilled, in-house designing team who can transform customers hand sketches and ideas into a complete workshop with the help of AutoCAD drawings.

The U-shaped lugging system is designed to provide a strong and reliable joint for the equipment. The lugs are welded to the panel and the lugging system does not cause rusting between the lug and panel. Deweld Engineering provides lugging system with additional long pins to prevent knock outs.

The HT panels, from Deweld Engineering, are a portable (holding) yard panels that measure 2.2 metres x 1.8 metres x 6 rails. The HT panels are Australian made with a 450 grade of galvanised SHS, with a painted steel cap and feet. Deweld Engineering also provides portable yard panels for the race and forcing areas.

The different types of portable panels for the race and forcing areas, available from Deweld Engineering, are categorised as ultimate, budget, heifer, horse and sheeted. The horse panels, specifically designed for horses, measure 2.2 metres x 1.5 metres x 4 rails. The sheeted panels are designed to decrease the visibility in the yard and are suitable for race and forcing areas.

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