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Electrogalvanised ALLGAL coating from Deweld Engineering

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Deweld Engineering  provides quality, cost-effective electrogalvanised solutions with Clear-Tec polymer ALLGAL coatings to protect surfaces. Products from the ALLGAL range are fabricated from hot rolled steel strips that are electrogalvanised on both sides (inside and outside).

The process applies a continuous and even spread of zinc coating over the steel. Thus, the strip is formed into a tube and welded along the seam. This welded location is again coated with either zinc or aluminium alloy to replace the materials that were burnt during the welding process. The outer surface of the tube is coated with a clear polymer known as Clear-Tec coating.

The ALLGAL, manufactured by Deweld Engineering, is tested for compliance of the Australian standards AS1163-1991 Structural Steel Hollow Sections and AS 4750 for 2000 Electrogalvanised coating with zinc over the ferrous hollow sections.

The ALLGAL coating, provided by Deweld Engineering, combines all possible qualities of both electrogalvanised solutions and painting systems. The Clear-Tec polymer coating used in ALLGAL can protect the zinc from corrosion. Clear-Tec is resistant to pH changes, salt and pollutants.

ALLGAL coating is beneficial as it reduces the ongoing maintenance costs and greater better strength. It minimises the risk of injury that is mostly caused by rounded edges on yard rails at livestock units. The Clear-Tec polymer coating provides protection to the surface by eliminating contaminants and rust. ALLGAL coating is an environmental friendly coating.

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