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Truck and lifting equipment from Deweld Engineering

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Deweld Engineering  provides quality steel products including truck and lifting equipment, suitable for a variety of industries throughout Australia. The different truck equipment available are cattle crates, bull bars, flat top bodies and under slung ring feeders.

The cattle crates provided by Deweld Engineering features swing doors, side loading facility, centre rolling petitions, side swinging loading doors and a side loading ramp. The bull bars from Deweld Engineering are made from steel. It is built to suit any type of vehicle and is available in different shades of colours for customers to choose from.

The bull bars are designed with aerial tags and spotlights. The flat top bodies from Deweld Engineering are custom designed to meet customer’s requirement. The under slung ring feder is designed for tippers and body trucks. It is rated to a 23 tone A.T.M.

Deweld Engineering provides high quality lifting equipment such as forklift jib 2.5 tone, lifting beam with pivot and base designs and railway tong 7 tone that is available in different sizes like a 60 kilograms line, 50 kilograms line and a 45 kilograms line. Deweld Engineering also provides custom built lifting tone to suit customer requirements.

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