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Diesel Parts and Service  specialises in providing quality pumps, pumpsets, engines and generators to suit various applications. These diesel engine pumpsets include a 300 litre capacity fuel tank. The different types of pumpsets provided by Diesel Parts and Service include TS80 / DC / 1505, NS100C / DC / RJ125-ES, TS80 / DC / 1703 Kubota models and many more.

The TS80 / DC / 1505 Kubota model provided by Diesel Parts and Service features with a 3 inch trash pump that is directly combined with V1505 diesel engine. It is designed with a capacity of 300 litres of fuel tank. The NS100C / DC / RJ125-ES Kubota model runs at 5 horsepower at 35 litres per second. In addition it also features with a 4 inch self priming pump that is directly coupled to Kubota RK125-ES diesel engine.

Diesel Parts and Service provides a FSR150 / DC / 404C-22 model from Perkins that runs at 40 horsepower with 80 litres per second. It also features with a 6 inch self priming pump directly coupled to Perkins 404C-22 diesel engine. The FSR150 / DC / 404C-22 model pumpset can be installed on galvanized trailer.

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