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Vertical mounted pumps from Diesel Parts and Service

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Diesel Parts and Service  provides two types of vertical mounted pumps such as ZB axial flow pumps and large vertical pumps. The ZB series of axial flow pumps are designed with column extensions. The axial flow pumps are standard with features like CI/CI/HTS, S/S shaft sleeves, rubber bearings and packed gland.

The ZB series can pump at 90 degrees to the discharge adaptor, mounting base, electric motor and shaft coupling. Diesel Parts and Service provides the ZB series with options like bronze impeller, nylon bearings and stainless steel shaft.

Customers can find different models of pump with motor stool designed with varying columns to suit various applications. The 200 series of ZB pump provided by Diesel Parts and Service include 200ZB 3- std with a column measuring 1055 millimetres, 200 ZB3-1 ext with 1880 millimetres column, 200 ZB3-2ext with its column measuring 2645 millimetres, 200 ZB3-3ext with a 3410 millimetres column.

The other series of ZB pumps are 250 series and 300 series. Diesel Parts and Service recommends the 250ZB 4-4ext and 300ZB4-4ext for 15 kilowatts motor drive with 4 extensions. The additional accessories available with ZB series pumps are nylon bearings. The bronze impeller is available with options like 200ZB bronze impeller, 250ZB bronze impeller and a 300ZB bronze impeller.

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