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Underground water tanks available from Dillon's Plumbing

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Dillon's Plumbing  supplies high quality underground water tanks and ground tanks, developed as a complete rainwater harvesting system. These underground water tanks are interconnected with each other, allowing for a huge collection of water. It can also be connected to washing machines and toilets.

Customers can find Australian made, German-engineered underground rainwater tank known as Clark WaterVault from Dillon's Plumbing. Clark WaterVault is a suitable solution for saving rainwater and it can be plumbed to every downpipes in the house or building. Clark WaterVault can be installed under parking areas, driveways or even under garden. It is available in a 5000 litres tank capacity with a height (2560 to 3060 millimetres) and length (2240 millimetres).

Dillon's Plumbing also provides a range of Duraplas Underground Lattice polytanks. This patented design is suitable for storing rainwater and it can be interconnected to larger storage volumes. This underground tank is available in 3000 and 5000 litres capacity.

The National Poly Industries underground water tank supplied by Dillon's Plumbing are German engineered with a capacity of 3000 litres Rondus and a 6500 litre shaped Columbus. Dillon's Plumbing also offers accessories and packages required for installing these underground water tanks.

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