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Water treatment systems available from Dillon's Plumbing

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Dillon's Plumbing  distributes environment friendly aerated wastewater treatment systems, water recycling systems and grey water treatment systems, manufactured by leading companies. The aerated wastewater treatment is a two tank system that processes the waste water though multi stage digestion using bacteria and enzymes.

This aerated wastewater treatment system provided by Dillon's Plumbing is manufactured by Aqua Nova. It is designed to be an effective eco-friendly wastewater treatment that is safe and clean all the time. The first step of treatment is where all the solid wastes are broken down and an anaerobic process that uses bacteria.

This process is continued by the second step, where air is supplied continuously to bacteria that can give an aerobic treatment and complete the digestion process. The wastewater at this stage is passed though a series of disinfection chambers that can destroy all the pathogenic bacteria.

Finally clean, disinfected and clear water is delivered by the pump that can controlled with an automatic level. This aerated wastewater treatment system from Dillon's Plumbing is suitable for domestic, industrial and commercial applications.

Dillon's Plumbing also provide NovaClear System, a water recycling system suitable for treating all household grey and black water by applying a reliable and proven technology that can produce high quality of germ free water ideal for particular household reuse and irrigation processes.

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