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Cement mixers available from Direct Trades Supply

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Direct Trades Supply  provides a range of building products including cement mixers, plywoods measuring 2400 x 1200 x 12 millimetres and 2400 x 1200 x 18 millimetres, builder's film and form ply. The CG model of cement mixer is available with electric or petrol powered motors based on customer requirement. This CG cement mixer model is a 3.5 cubic foot with a side tip mixer that can be driven by a twin belt and pulley system.

The mixing height of CG cement mixer model can be adjusted with a high speed bearing arm, to get the required proportion of cement mix. Direct Trades Supply provides the WESTMIX WMC3_5DP model of cement mixer that measure 3.5 cubic foots with a side mixer driven by pulley system and the twin belt. This model is available with petrol or electric powered motors for customers to choose based on their requirement.

WESTMIX WMTC3_5 is another model of cement mixer available at Direct Trades Supply. It has the same features as WMC3_5DP model except for its bowl that can be removed for easy transportation. Direct Trades Supply also provides a SUPERMIXER (SMX2_2) model of cement mixer that comes in a 2.2 cubic foot size. The side tip mixer designed in this model can be driven with a pulley system and a single belt.

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