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Disel Traders  offer the Daedong DK551 Cab Tractor that comes with a 55 horsepower capacity, power steering, hydraulics with built-in remotes and shuttle shift transmission. Disel Traders offer optional features such as rotary hoes, slashers, 4 in 1 loaders, posthole diggers and so on.

The 30 horsepower Daedong LK30 Tractor 4wd from Disel Traders is fitted with a four feet slasher or 5 feet mower and 4 in 1 loader. The power steering fitted in the 30 horsepower Daedong LK30 Tractor 4wd, offered by Disel Traders, allows for easy driving. The 30 horsepower Daedong LK30 Tractor 4wd offers easy operation due to shuttle shift transmission and smooth synchromesh gears.

The 35 horsepower Daedong CK35 tractor 4wd from Disel Traders includes a fibreglass canopy, fine brakes, light clutch, easy to drive power steering, suspension seat and well placed control lever. The 40 horsepower Daedong EX40 tractor 4wd includes hydraulic remotes. Disel Traders has also manufactured implements such as the 3 feet slasher, 4 feet slasher and posthole digger. The 3 feet slasher, offered by Disel Traders, is suitable for small tractors with 10 to 17 horsepower capacities.

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