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Mini tuber planters from Dobmac Agricultural Machinery

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Dobmac Agricultural Machinery  manufactures mini tuber planters that can be used for potato plot experiments and seed industrial applications. The mini tuber planter is designed with five separate plant spacing features that measure 150 to 350 millimetres.

Each mini tuber planter from Dobmac Agricultural Machinery is equipped with accurate carriages for planting foot, adjustable disc for coverers on the rear, stainless steel fertiliser bin that has a capacity of 200 kilograms and twin band fertiliser for each row.

The mini tuber planter is designed with operator seats along with seat belts. The fertiliser system used in each mini tuber planter is interchangeable. Mini tuber planters, provided by Dobmac Agricultural Machinery, have four change sprockets for specific fertiliser application rates.

Dobmac Agricultural Machinery also provides Harriston Potato Planters that have a large seed capacity with easy to fill hopper features. These are designed for more reliable planting as they can be mounted independently and adjusted according to the crank. The Harriston Potato Planter is available in both pick and cup models.

The features of the Harriston Potato Planter include a hydraulic drive that allows the operator to change seed spacing from the seat and an open design that lets the operator monitor the planting procedure. The large pick wheels of Harriston Potato Planter come with 24 pick arms for each row.

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