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DogMaster Trainers  is a distributor of dog training and tracking products. DogMaster Trainers was established as a small family company and has become a well known independent Australian distributor of bark control collars, electric dog fences, stop barking dogs and invisible dog fences to dog training collars, escaping dogs, etc.

DogMaster Trainers specialises in a wide range of products for dog management solutions. An extensive range of products from DogMaster Trainers include stop dog barking, cat fences and fencing, dog fences and fencing, pet and animal deterrents, hunting dog tracking collars, pet drinking foundation, pet doors, second hand products and accessories.

DogMaster Trainers offers an extensive range of accessories which includes collar straps and containment system, batteries, etc. DogMaster Trainers offers accessories like Innotek Containment system wire and flags, 3V lithium disc battery, 9V lithium battery, 6V alkaline battery, Xeno 3.6V lithium battery, nylon collar, Saft 3.6V lithium battery, Durapro collar, RFA-67 dual pack + 1 bonus battery, Petsafe RFA-188 x 2, Citronella Refill cannister, etc. DogMaster Trainers also supplies second hand products which includes re-conditioned system, trade-ins, ex-rental stock, etc.

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