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DogMaster Trainers offer their tips on dog training

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It is important for those who train and own dogs to have an understanding of the animal at the beginning stages of any dog training, which is why DogMaster Trainers are offering their tips on what trainers need to 'Know How' to do.

Dog owners and trainers need to ‘Know How’ to:

  • handle dogs
  • observe dogs
  • interpret their behaviour
  • communicate with them
  • live with them 
  • care for them 
  • play with them; and 
  • most importantly, how to teach them.
This information is vital to the relationship and bond that is shared with dogs. These ‘Know Hows’ allow owners and trainers to strengthen the bond they share with their dogs, but also provides the platform from which to teach them and help them learn what is both acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

Motivation is recognised as a key factor which influences learning and whether or not a learnt behaviour will be performed. Therefore, motivation also plays an integral part in the ‘Know How’ of dog training. It is important to understand that a motivating force can be either positive, a food treat for example, or negative, such as rolled up newspaper. 

The main point to understand is the relationship between learning and motivation. The two are so entwined that it is difficult to conceive one without the other. For the most part, learning does not occur without motivation. Even though a behaviour is learned, it may not be performed if the animal is not motivated to respond.

In any training situation, it is important to consider the motivational state of the animal being trained, as well as any competing motivators, for example, the distraction kangaroos can be to working dogs.

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