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Dogtra Yapper Stopper YS300 Anti Bark Collar

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In the dog barking collar industry, the Dogtra Australia YS300 really stands out. It is great for use with small to medium sized breeds. The YS300 anti bark collar is fully rechargeable, waterproof and features industry leading electronics. All this in a 5.5cm x 4cm x 2.7cm lightweight housing.  

The YS300 Anti Bark Collar can be it to one of seven intensity levels to suit your dog’s particular temperament. The first level, or “P” is a paging/vibration level, levels 2 to 7 emit a vibration followed by a stimulation. This design allows your dog to learn to stop barking and respond to the vibration level.  


  • A dog barking collar designed with the small to medium sized dog in mind
  • Rapid recharge Lithium Polymer battery for your convenience
  • The YS300 anti bark collar is completely waterproof
  • 7 levels of correction to match your dog’s disposition
  • Vibration warning prior to correction, allowing the dog to learn
  • Testing level to assist with the operation of the anti bark collar
  • The strength of the battery is shown by an indicator light
  • Ideal for dogs from 4.5kg and up (the collar weighs 113 grams)  
Key Definitions:

Microphone Sensor

The most advanced Dogtra technology in sound recognition and filtering microprocessor is incorporated into the YS300 Anti Bark Collar. This enables the dog barking collar to differentiate between the barking and the surrounding ambient noises. Due to this micro processing sound analysis technology, it will only self-activate in response to stop the dog barking that is wearing the collar.  

Indicator Light (LED Window)

When you turn the Dogtra YS300 Anti Bark Collar on, the Indicator Light will flash for 1 second. Then it will flash again every 2 seconds which will continue for the first 10 seconds. The dog barking collar will then enter a sleep mode and the Indicator Light will stop flashing. However, just prior to entering the sleep mode, the Indicator Light will flash green, amber or a flashing red light. The green shows that the battery is fully charged, the amber denotes that the battery strength is low and the red signifies that the battery requires recharging.  


An additional feature with the latest Dogtra technology is the ability to recharge rapidly. This allows the dog barking collar to be fully charged in around 2 hours. The Dogtra Anti Bark Collar comes with the exclusive lithium polymer charger.  


The YS300 anti bark collar includes 7 levels of correction. The initial level is a paging or vibration mode without any static stimulation, this has proven beneficial for dogs that have hearing loss. Levels 2 to 7 emit a vibration followed by the stimulation. It is imperative that you slowly work up the various levels to find the level best suited to your dogs barking and temperament.

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