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10 things to keep in mind when figuring out Shed/Shelter requirements

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Dome Shelter has come up with a top ten list to consider when picking the ideal shelter for your requirements.

  1. Size of shelter - What size of area do you need covered?
  2. Height and clearance requirements - is there machinery or specialised equipment that will need to fit under the Shelter also is there any specific clearances around the machinery/equipment needed.  Sometimes there will be specific openings required for access from sides eg. Tyre change bays
  3. Available footprint of useable space - What area is available to be used 
  4. Wind region engineering - Make sure that the shelter you are looking at is engineered for the wind region that it is to be located.
  5. Rain water runoff - will rain water runoff be an issue? 
  6. Width of shelter against length - when a shelter gets to a certain size, the length should also reflect the width as the shelter will let more weather into the dome the wider and higher it gets. Shorter yet wider and higher shelter will let more weather in the openings
  7. Closed in or open ended - Will the shelter require closed in front and rear walls with either doors or PA access? 
  8. Fire retardancy - Does the site or shelter require full fire retardancy? Will be needed if it is to be a hot works area (Welding, grinding etc)
  9. Storage - Is there added needs for storage as well as a useable area for a workspace
  10. Lighting requirements - is the shelter going to be used at night or in poor light conditions?
DomeShelter manufacture systems to be up to 25m across and have different models and heights depending on clearance requirements.

The company also offers different configurations of either container or column mounted shelters which can be used to solve any space issues and all shelters are engineered to withstand the toughest of the wind regions, including cyclonic. 

Guttering systems can be attached, along with endwalls to suit any shelter incorporating curtain or solid door systems. A range of lighting solutions are also available, and DomeShelter can manufacture a full range of fire retardant shelters to suit any need.

In addition, DomeShelter produces a range of fabrics that can be used for roof tarps ranging from full light block-out, to fire retardant material that lets ambient light through.

Domeshelter can also solve storage requirements with the addition of a container which makes for great added storage space on the side of your shelter.

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