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Dosmatic - Water Driven Injector from Dosing Systems

Water Driven Injector
Water Driven Injector

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Dosmatic - Water Driven Injector from Dosing Systems

The Dosmatic injector is a non-electric water driven pump that simply and precisely injects liquid chemicals into a water line.

The Dosmatic is a Volumetric dosing or metering pump. That is, it is water driven and the concentrate is injected proportionally to the water flow. The entire flow of water drives the motor piston, the flow can vary in volume or the pressure can fluctuate but the chemical injected remains proportional to the water flow.

The Dosmatic range is excellent for water flows up to 100 Litres Per Minute and is ideal for the Horticultural & Animal Health Industries.

The Dosmatic MiniDos has high injection capabilities, up to 20% into a maximum flow of 27 Litres Per Minute.

Previously, Dosing Systems Australia was known as Dosmatic Australia~New Zealand.

Extensive wear parts inventory along with a service facility for full repair, service and testing of all Dosmatic models is available with Dosing Systems Australia.

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