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Cattle handling system from Douglas Stockyards

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Douglas Stockyards  offers an extensive range of cattle handling system which includes cattle loading ramps, head bails, cattle crushes, calf cradles, permanent cattle yards, cattle traps, permanent cattle panels and gates, etc.

Cattle crushes offered by Douglas Stockyards includes beef extreme crush, heavy duty vet crush with double side squeeze, marksman heavy duty vet crush, heavy duty vet crush with single side squeeze, medium duty vet crush, medium duty single side squeeze vet crush and medium duty economy crush.

Head bails are supplied by Douglas Stockyards heavy duty ultralock head bail and standard ultra lock head bail. Cattle loading ramps from Douglas Stockyards are made available as 4.8 metre cattle loading ramp, single axle 4.8 metre cattle loading ramp and pre-fab concrete cattle loading ramps. Douglas Stockyards also offers heavy duty calf cradle, cattle traps and permanent cattle yards. Douglas Stockyards offers permanent cattle panels and gates which includes permanent cattle race slide gate and cattle permanent panel and man gate.

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