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Dow AgroSciences joins AusVeg in Protecting Food Production Industry’s Future

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article image AndrewDow AgroSciences sponsors the AusVeg Young Grower of the Year Award

Dow AgroSciences warns Australian food farmers that the Food Production Industry is at risk due to current influxes of cheap imported fruit and vegetables. Simon Coburn, National Marketing Manager of AusVeg recommends action must be taken to improve and protect Australia’s food security.

“Australia should always be a net exporter of food and never a net importer, given that we have millions of hectares of arable land fit for the purpose of growing food, while the world in general is short of both arable land and food,” says Coburn.

“When cheaper-to-produce fresh fruit and vegetables are imported into this country and sold at the same prices as locally grown produce, retailers make more profit but both growers and consumers suffer. It puts undue pressure on growers by reducing their ability to compete in both the short and the long term. We need to invest in research to find ways to be more competitive to reduce the threat from these imports.”

John Gilmour, Horticulture Business Manager of Dow AgroSciences, says Dow AgroSciences has been making significant effort in supporting Australia’s food production industry by investing greatly on next generation growers, researchers, agronomists and other related agriculture and horticulture industries.

One of the most important ways of supporting Australia’s food production industry is providing recognition and awards for farmers who have worked the hardest and the most innovative throughout the year. Dow AgroSciences has sponsored the April 2011 AusVeg Young Grower of the Year Award, which was presented at the AusVeg National Convention.

“We are a key partner of AusVeg and, as part of that, sponsor the Young Grower of the Year Award. We also host a Young Growers event at the annual convention,” says Gilmour.
“These young growers are literally the future of the industry. We believe it’s essential to promote and celebrate success amongst the generation that will lead the industry into the future.”

This April 2011’s winner of the AusVeg Young Grower of the Year Award went to Victorian vegetable farmer, Andrew Bulmer for his innovative and high level commitment, which he showed on and off the farm for his family’s vegetable growing business, Bulmer Farm Fresh Vegetables.

“The Young Grower of the Year Award serves a vital purpose in helping young growers set the standard and inspire their peers to meet and exceed that standard,” says Coburn.

“Dow AgroSciences’ support of this award for the second year shows they are committed to the next generation and to the industry as a whole. As organisations, we are both keen to see a focus on the development of future industry leaders and succession planning.”

In February 2012, AusVeg will be taking young growers on a research trip to Dow AgroSciences Headquarters and research facility, which is located in the United States.

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