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Dow AgroSciences provides top tips for the safe handling of chemicals

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Dow AgroSciences  recognises that safety is one of the most important factors for farmers when working with chemicals.  In association with New Zealand’s Alto Plastics , Dow AgroSciences has recently developed and manufactured a new safer 5 litre drum, which is being rolled out as a container for its chemical products.  

Dow AgroSciences provides the following top tips for the safe handling of chemicals:  

  1. Ensure all chemicals are clearly labelled - incorrect assumptions about the chemical content of unlabelled bottles can have hazardous results for people and crops;
  2. Carefully follow instructions provided - misuse of chemicals, mixing of wrong chemicals can also have hazardous results for people and crops;
  3. Always wear personal protective equipment (PPE) as recommended on the label when using and mixing chemical products.  PPE protects from harsh fumes and splash backs and can include: goggles, face shields and masks, gloves, long sleeve overalls and aprons;
  4. Do not smoke, eat or drink anything when working with chemicals;
  5. Always store chemical products separately and keep them away from any area where flames are used;
  6. When disposing of chemicals always follow label or Material Safety Data Sheet instructions – chemicals are not standard waste and should not be poured down drains or disposed of with regular waste;
  7. For emergency purposes, provide and maintain in good working order and an accessible area: fire extinguishers, a chemical clean-up kit, and a first aid kit.  
Dow AgroSciences is a member of the International Council of Chemical Association’s Responsible Care (R) initiative, which is a voluntary initiative within the global chemical industry.    The initiative aims to promote the safe handling of chemical products throughout the development and production process, through to distribution, use and disposal by farmers.

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