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New safer and eco-friendly design for Dow AgroSciences 5 litre chemical drums

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article image Dow AgroSciences’ new 5L drums with larger handles make it easier for farmers to hold and pour chemicals

Dow AgroSciences  have developed brand new 5 litre packs that offer increased safety to farmers when handling chemicals, as well as being easier to handle and more eco-friendly.  

The new 5 litre packs are increasingly replacing older styles on shelves and will be used for all of Dow AgroSciences’:

The previous pack was a generic, industry wide design.  The new 5 litre packs have been designed to Dow AgroSciences’ specifications, in response to user feedback, to create a pack that is easier to use.  

Jim Phimister, Dow AgroSciences Marketing Specialist, explained “When our farmers gave us feedback that traditional drums are difficult to handle, pour and rinse thoroughly for recycling, we responded with larger openings, bigger handles, and separated the handle from the chemical content for more effective rinsing”  

The main differences to the new 5 litre pack design are:

  • significantly larger handle, for ease of holding and pouring without removal of safety gloves;
  • larger opening for smooth and predictable flow from the container, reducing the chance of spillage;
  • stronger handle that is sealed from contents;
  • simpler triple rinsing process making packs more effective for recycling; and 
  • manufactured with 20 per cent less plastic than previous packs, making them more environmentally friendly.  

As a member of the International Council of Chemical Association’s Responsible Care (R) initiative, Dow AgroSciences says that the new packs really demonstrate its commitment to providing the best products for both the farmer and for the environment  

Jim explains “A key objective of the Responsible Care (R) charter is be responsive to the concerns of key stakeholders and focus on effective management of chemicals along the value chain. These are quite significant changes for such a small, seemingly simple pack, and reflect our commitment to safe chemical management in Australia.”

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