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Front end loaders from Downs Tractors

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Downs Tractors  offers a wide range of loaders and tracks. Downs Tractors offers front end loader which has been designed to meet complete operators need. Front end loader is extremely efficient, strong, simple and robust by design. Front end loader is an adaptable system for all hard chores around the farming area.

Front end loaders from Downs Tractors contains high strength top frame with double acting hydraulic cylinders that are bushed and completely serviceable. Front end loaders consists of a reinforced centre section to maintain the top frame in proper alignment and there by eliminating twisting.

Front end loaders from Downs Tractors are neatly fixed with hydraulic steel tubing by brackets that are integrated to top frame. Double wire 4000psi hose, standardised JIC steel fittings and matched fittings are added advantage of front end loaders. Full chassis of the system includes wrap around frame to a swing down grill guard. Rigid under carriage of the system is used to transfer the loadings equally at rear and front of the tractor. Attachments and stands provided in front end loaders are quickly detachable.

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