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Droughtmaster Society  specialises in cattle breeding solutions. Droughtmaster Society was formed by commercial cattlemen. Droughtmaster Society was named by a group of astute cattlemen in North Queensland for cattle breeding. Droughtmaster Society developed breeding of cattle by crossing Bos indicus and Bos Taurus breeds in order to face perennial problems of cattle ticks, drought, eye cancer, heat and many other problems like reduced profitability and productivity.

Droughtmaster Society, with the arrival of cattle ticks in North Queensland during 1896, which became resulted in maintaining herds of British breed cattle including Herefords, Shorthorns and Shorthorn-Devon cross in the harsh environmental condition was unviable.

Droughtmaster Society after many years of crossbreeding and meticulous selection for heat tolerance, parasite resistance, high fertility, environmental adaption, calving ease, excellent meat quality and docility is evolved. Innovative cattlemen from Droughtmaster Society created a breed which could produce and reproduce even in harsh environment and also resist parasites.

Droughtmaster Society is a pioneer in cattle breeding and has gained reputation by its committed service that are more adaptable, fertile and easy care breed.

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