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Progeny for parasite resistance from Droughtmaster Society

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Droughtmaster Society  specialises in the breeding and growing of cattle. Droughtmaster Society's aim to grow and breed cattle was to produce a unique animal that adapts to adverse environment. With the help of several astute cattlemen, Droughtmaster Society has crossbred traditional British breeds with the hardy Zebu cattle (Bos indicus).

Droughtmaster Society has spent many years in identifying the progeny for parasite resistance, general adaption to environment and heat tolerance. Droughtmaster Society has used Brahman and Zebu genetics with the Shorthorn and Shorthorn Devon herds. A careful selection of progeny that is result-oriented has resulted in Droughtmaster, a highly adaptable breed from Droughtmaster Society.

Heat tolerance of Droughtmaster comes from the increased number and size of sweat glands, short haired sleek coat, large area of loose skin and a slow metabolic rate. Parasite resistance is obtained through shorthaired sleek coat, chemicals in sweat glands for repellent action and immune response to external and internal parasites.

The digestive efficiency of the Droughtmaster breed is by a small first stomach, recycling of nutrients through blood stream, slow metabolic rate that creates low feed requirements, reduced water consumption which produces increased nitrogen, slow rate of protein turnover whch allows the development levels to occur on low nutrients.

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