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Exciting Expansion for DuPont's new Crop Protection Insecticide Avatar

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More Australian horticulturalists are set to benefit from Avatar - a new generation insecticide that has recently broadened its commercial availability.

Avatar Crop Protection Programme by DuPont , has been available for commercial use on high-value brassica crops since January and has recently extended its registration for use on pome fruit, wine grapes, lettuces and tomatoes.

David Richards, DuPont Avatar Product Manager said today that reaction had been very positive to date with excellent feedback coming back from dealers, brassica growers, trial participants and, more recently, apple growers.

"We had DuPont reps coming back from field days, and from dealer and grower interaction, reporting sensational results all over Australia," David said.

"Avatar has been very well received from growers because it fits in well with their insecticide resistance strategies."

Mr Richards said the unique mode-of-action of Avatar meant it was able to control resistant larvae and could be incorporated easily into chemical rotation practices.

He said insects such as diamondback moth and heliothis were recognised as notorious pests in Australia because of their abilities to quickly become resistant to continued use of a given pesticide.

Researchers were currently promoting strategies like chemical rotation over the cropping year to help improve caterpillar control and limit the development of insecticide resistance.

Mr Richards said the "soft" chemistry of Avatar had also made it an important tool for growers adopting integrated pest management (IPM) on their properties.

"Many growers are looking for softer, more targeted options which allow beneficial predatory insects to flourish," David said.

"Both laboratory and field tests have demonstrated that Avatar preserves beneficials such as parasitoid wasp and mite populations."

The active ingredient in Avatar is Indoxacarb, a compound that causes target pests to stop feeding and die shortly after treatment, minimising crop damage.

Mr Richards said the selective efficacy of Avatar provided excellent control of a whole range of key pests such as diamondback moth, lightbrown apple moth, heliothis and codling moth.

"Brassica growers have praised the product for its ease of use and effectiveness in controlling diamondback moth," David said.

"And even though it has only been available for a short time for apples we are starting to get very positive feedback that Avatar is providing excellent control of codling moth and lightbrown apple moth.

"It is very exciting to have a new product available and the interest leading up to our expanded registration has been amazing," he said.

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