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Beef products and rugs from Dual M Highland Cattle

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Dual M Highland Cattle  offers professionally cut and packaged beef to customers in Australia. Beef products from Dual M Highland Cattle are packed according to specific requirements by Plenty Valley Producers in North Melbourne. The company also offers gourmet sausages that are available in six varieties especially for barbeque applications. 

Dual M Highland Cattle offers beef that is available in side, quarter or whole carcass sizes. Dual M Highland Cattle also demonstrates its culinary skills with quality beef products by providing customers with new and innovative recipes. 

Dual M Highland Cattle also supplies quality rugs with long hair and individual colours that provide homes with a visual and aesthetic appeal. Cattle hides from the company are professionally tanned in a specialised tannery near Melbourne.

The term Fullblood Highland Cattle is for highlanders that can be traced way back to their past to ascertain their ancestry. These Fullblood Highland Cattle in Australia are bred only by a few breeders including Clemens Unger and Michele Unger of Dual M Highland Cattle. According to the Australian Highland Cattle Society, only those cross-breds of the fourth generation and later can be considered as purebred.

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