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Cattle for sale from Dual M Highland Cattle

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Dual M Highland Cattle  is a cattle form originated to offers quality cattle breeds. Dual M Highland Cattle issued its first Herdbook in 1885 through Highland Cattle Society of Scotland. Dual M Highland Cattle's first cattle was imported to Australia by Scottish migrants in the mid of nineteenth century. 

Dual M Highland Cattle started anew in 1950 and formed the Australian Highland Cattle Society in 1988. Dual M Highland Cattle offers full blood highland cattle for sale. One can purchase cows, heifers or a new bull for herd. 

Dual M Highland Cattle offers bulls for sale which includes Duke of Duel M born in 2001 in brindle colour, Jarrod of Altnaharra sire and Penelope of Ballochbuie Dam. Duncan of Duel M born on 2001 in red colour, Jorrod of Altnaharra and Quitos of Macquaire Dam. 

Dual M Highland Cattle offers heifers for sale Bonnie of Duel M, Choe of Duel M, Clementine of Duel M, Clover of Duel M, Cameo of Duel M, Andrea of Fairburn Grange, etc. Dual M Highland Cattle offers cows for sale which includes Moss Beag of Cruachan and many more.

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