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Cattle breeding programme from Dunlop Park Angus

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Dunlop Park Angus  is a cattle breeder from New South Wales. Dunlop Park Angus provides effective breeding programme of beef herd. Dunlop Park Angus along with Devonport City Abattoirs provides muscle and marbling solutions. By this combined programme, Dunlop Park Angus is able to establish families producing high marble and bulls breed from Dunlop Park Angus have marbling quality from dam or sire.

Dunlop Park Angus included piggery between 1984 and December 1997 which grew to 70 sows in size and operated as 50 sow piggery until the decision was made to stop the production in 1997.

Dunlop Park Angus, currently has more than 120 breeding females. Dunlop Park Angus’s breeding programme is based on various selection criteria. Dunlop Park Angus uses objective measurement recording like birth weight, scanning weight and weaning weight. Dunlop Park Angus scans eye muscle area as well as inter-muscular fat.

Dunlop Park Angus also measures the scrotal circumference of bulls and uses GeneSTAR for the guidance of tenderness, marbling and feed efficiency traits of cattle. Dunlop Park Angus utilises visual assessment fro structural correctness, thickness and feet and also pay attention to temperament.

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