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Floor cleaning equipment from Duplex Cleaning Machines

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Duplex Cleaning Machines  offers an extensive range of cleaning equipment. Duplex Cleaning Machines supplies floor machines, industrial machines, steam machines and vacuum cleaners. There are floor machines, available from Duplex Cleaning Machines, which are quality floor cleaning tools that contain several settings for specific floor cleaning applications. The floor cleaning equipment also has a steam option that can be fitted to the machine.

Duplex Cleaning Machines offers steam machines that are multi-purpose cleaning machines available in a variety of sizes and dimensions for customers to choose from. More than 70 models of steam equipment specifically designed to suit residential, commercial and industrial cleaning applications are available.

Duplex Cleaning Machines supplies vacuum cleaners that suit specific requirements of customers. CleanAir vacuum cleaners provides a quiet and peaceful cleaning experience. Vacuum cleaners from Duplex Cleaning Machines are recommended for various carpet and flooring models including Flotex.

Duplex Cleaning Machines offers industrial machines for industrial cleaning applications. The industrial floor cleaning machines are ideal for heavy duty industrial cleaning as they are capable of extreme cleaning power.

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