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Horse feeds and health care products from Dural District Stockfeeds

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Dural District Stockfeeds  offers a wide variety of feeds and other accessories for animals. Dural District Stockfeeds is located in New South Wales. Dural District Stockfeed’s premise has a unique drive thru which allows the customers to drive in to the warehouse for facilitated loading of goods direct to the vehicle.

Dural District Stockfeeds offers products and services to small holding communities of Dural and surrounds since 22 years. Dural District Stockfeeds has more than 3000 products ranging from dog’s bone to bale of rice hulls.

Dural District Stockfeeds offers an extensive range of product categories which includes horse fly control, horse digestive aids, horse hoof care, horse hydration and blood aids, horse shampoo and conditioners, horse vitamins and supplements, horse wound and muscle ointments, horse wormers, animal traps, electric fencing, chook drinkers and feeders, koi and goldfish food, accessories and fashion, solo herbicide, sprayers, insect repellents and catchers, freight, etc.

Horse digestive aids from Dural District Stockfeeds include Equine sandlube in 2.5 kilogram and 750 grams which is a natural fibre that removes the sand from the bowel of the horses. Founderguard 1 kilogram protects the horse against feed induced laminitis.

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