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Crop protection solutions from Duralite Horticulture Supplies

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Duralite Horticulture Supplies  offers an extensive range of crop protection solutions. Duralite Horticulture Supplies is a wholesaler of hydroponic products for the agricultural sectors. Hydrophonics are used to bring about an improvement in vegetable, fruit and flower production.

The hydroponic product range from Duralite Horticulture Supplies includes fertilisers, pre-mixes, trace elements, crop protectants, bio-stimulants, crop controls, acids, injectors, solutions, sanitisers and hygiene products.

Duralite Horticulture Supplies offers plant nursery products that include controlled release fertilisers, soluble fertilisers, crop controls, bio-stimulants, crop protectants, sanitisers, disinfectants, soil wetters and conditioners.

Duralite Horticulture Supplies offers a wide range of organic supplies that include pest and disease management products and fertilisers. Organic fertiliser products from Duralite Horticulture are Blood & Bone, Mother Earth, Nutrismart Mini Prill, Nutrismart and Guano.

Crop protectant and bio-stimulant products from Duralite Horticulture Supplies include Natrasoap, Seafil, Spraytech Oil, Aminogro, Acadian SSE, Azamax, Eco Carb, Eco Oil, Fumafert, Entrust, Trich-A-Soil, Synertrol Horti Oil and many more.

Two speciality products from the soil wetter and conditioning product range from Duralite Horticulture Supplies are Revitalize and Fish Emulsion. Products from the company are accredited by the B.F.A., ensuring quality and safety.

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