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Fertilisers from Duralite Horticulture Supplies

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Duralite Horticulture Supplies  is a wholesaler of horticulture supplies since 1980. Duralite Horticulture Supplies has been expanding its business to various industries of broad-acre vegetable farms, plant nurseries and pastoral farms. David Francis, Managing Director of Duralite Horticulture Supplies has more than 25 years of experience related to horticulture industry with a Degree in horticulture. David Francis is a Vice President of Hydroponic Society of Victoria and also a Committee member of Hydroponic Farmers Federation.

Duralite Horticulture Supplies currently provides products and advice to companies and individuals across Victoria and throughout Australia and even world wide. An extensive range of products offered by Duralite Horticulture Supplies includes broadacre fertilisers, liquid fertilisers, soluble fertilisers for raw products and special blends, liquid concentrates, slow release fertilisers, micro nutrients, BFA approved organic fertilisers, hydroponic supplies, crop control, bio stimulants, crop protection, soil conditioners, injectors, fertigation, growing medium, irrigation, sanitisers, disinfectants, integrated Pest Management, etc.

Broadacre fertilisers from Duralite Horticulture Supplies contains hydro complex 12-5-15 and Calcium nitrate field grade and Slow release fertilisers from Duralite Horticulture Supplies consists of multicote controlled release fertilisers, ureaform, 4, 6, 8 and 12 month formulas, urea 1.5 percentage and IBDU.

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