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Soluble fertilisers from Duralite Horticulture Supplies

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Duralite Horticulture Supplies  specialises in a wide range of fertilisers. Duralite Horticulture Supplies offers soluble fertiliser for raw products and special blends which includes Gerbera AC, Carnation AC, Hysol Twin A, Hysol Twin NFT, prolific, Hysol Twin tomato and Kristalon in blue, brown,  white, green. The range also includes ammonium nitrate pivot, calcium nitrate yara, calcium chloride, citric acid flake, dusting sulphur milled, magnesium nitrate, di potassium phosphate, magnesium sulphate DRIED and magnesium sulphate MF. Mono ammonium phosphate, mono potassium phosphate, potassium nitrate HAIFA, potassium nitrate Krista K, potassium silicate, potassium sulphate CM, sodium nitrate are some other fertilisers available from Duralite Horticulture Supplies.

There is a range of micro nutrients offered by Duralite Horticulture Supplies. These includes AgroDex Mn, AgroDex Fe, AgroDex zn, AgroDex Moly, AgroDex micronutrients, broadhectre Zn, boric acid 3 elephant 17 percentage, CarboCal, Copper Sulphate Cooge, Copper EDTA, iron DTPA 11 percentage, Manganese EDTA, Mycrobor 20 percentage, Rexolin APN micro mix, trace element mix, zinc EDTA, zinc sulphate hepta and zinc sulphate mono.

Broadacre and pastrol supplies from Duralite Horticulture Supplies offer fertilisers and additivies that suit all types of crops and live stock pastures. Fertilisers like ammonium nitrate, urea 1.5 percentage, calcium nitrate field, ureaform, etc. Soil wetters and conditioners like revitalise, hydrasoil, fish emulsion, hydretain, sand-aid, superfish, agro humate are among the those offered by Duralite Horticulture. 

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